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Theology is the study of the nature of God. For Christians, pedagogy begins and ends with the Bible. Thus theology matters and remains an important pursuit for all Christians. My motto “teaching Christians to teach themselves” is my vocation. I am available to speak on the following subjects.


  • Why we need Hermeneutics – An introduction
  • Biblical exegesis – handling the word aright
  • A brief History of Biblical Interpretation
  • Liberation Hermeneutics – A comparative analysis
  • Postmodern Hermeneutics and the emergent Church
  • Devotional reading of Scripture – How far is too far
  • The Hermeneutics of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society 1874 – 1935
  • Exegetical preaching – letting the word speak


  • Pre-Modernity in Christian thought
  • Modernity – rationalism and empiricism
  • Postmodernism – there is no truth
  • The road to Nihilism – from Nietzsche to Foucault


  • Thy Kingdom Come – A premillennialist interpretation
  • Millenarian Movements of the 19th Century
  • Millerism and the Great Disappointment
  • Adventist eschatology – Historicism and Prophecy
  • The Rise of Seventh Day Adventism
  • Jesus Second Advent – 200 years of failed predictions
  • Charles Taze Russell & the Bible Students
  • Who’s that at my door? – Understanding Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • There is no devil – examining Christadelphian doctrine
  • Joseph Smith and Mormonism
  • The Millennial Kingdom Three Views

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  • The Tri-unity of God
  • The Deity of Christ
  • The Second Advent of Christ
  • The Eternal State – understanding personal eschatology
  • The Imperative of Doctrine
  • The Doctrine of Original Sin
  • The Doctrine of the Resurrection
  • The Spirit world – Good and fallen Angels
  • The Judgements of God – eternal rewards and loss
  • The Nature of Man
  • Israel & The Church – a case for discontinuity
  • Eschatology and the End Times
  • Pneumatology – The person & work of the Holy Spirit
  • Is Hell a real Abode?
  • Soteriology – Salvation by Faith alone
  • Soteriology – Eternal Security

Polemics / Apologetics

  • Refuting Annihilationism
  • Errors of the Word of Faith Movement
  • Errors of Roman Catholicism
  • The Road to Rome – ecumenical compromise
  • The New Atheists – dogma and practice
  • Metamorphosis – Design or Chance?


  • Kings Evangelical Divinity School – Knowing Your Bible – eight-week course covering the following topics:
  • The Nature of the Bible
  • A Survey of the Old Testament
  • The World of the New Testament
  • Biblical Exegesis
  • Genre and Biblical Interpretation
  • Christian Doctrine
  • Biblical Prophecy and End Times
  • Bible Polemics

These are just a few of the many lectures I offer. Please note all topics will be slanted towards a conservative evangelical perspective. Feel free to contact me to book a visit