About me

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Welcome! My name is Jason Wright I am married to Jenny and together we have four children, Jacob, Jordan, Joel and Jasmine and two Grandchildren James and Erin.

My current ecclesiastical roles include:

I studied Biblical Theology and Hermeneutics at Kings Evangelical Divinity School earning my Bachelor of Theology degree via Chester University. Currently I am studying for my Master of Divinity degree at KEDS.

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I have a vocation to share the practical benefits of my education, in particular sound hermeneutical practice, hence the motto “teaching Christians to teach themselves”

To make such a statement may appear rather arrogant, but in all humility my burning passion is to see believers equipped; grounded in sound doctrine and able to handle scripture aright. Similar to the Apostles Peter & John I  “cannot stop speaking about what I have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20)

Aiming at the academic world, my specialist field of research is 19th Century millenarian movements, in particular the hermeneutics of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. Such lectures may be of particular use to students of theology, philosophy and sociology.

I am available for speaking engagements on various topics. Please check out my available lectures and book a visit


JOHN ANGLISS- Ambassador International Ministry, Chairman of CMFI, Pastor of South of Reading Christian fellowship for 40 years.

I am very happy to endorse the ministry of my friend Jason Wright, who was a valued member of the CMFI council. Jason was for some years a Jehovah Witness and the Lord delivered him from that false teaching. Since then and following in depth study with Kings Evangelical Divinity school, I have found him to be a very diligent student of the Word of God with a particular skill in Biblical hermeneutics and a good understanding of Church history and particularly the errors which have sprung therefrom. My prayer is that this website will help many and bring glory to the Lord we both serve.